About Us

We are a technology & innovation company. Delivering business software for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) is our passion.

About DoxERP

Why we are your best choice to work with us ?

Our clients find DoxERP very easy to use and give them an unparalleled competitive advantage especially in reducing administrative tasks, improving efficiencies and streamlining operations for start-up companies, so we make a difference in business management in three professional ways:

  • Solving The Challenges
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Creating A Value

Step1: Business Analysis

we analyze your business process to maximize the value of your ERP implementation to ensure all stakeholder needs are accurately defined and prepare the business plan

Step 2: System Optimazition

General and private settings of the system and data upload are customized to allow ease of system use in line with your business requirements

Step 3: Implementation

In this phase, you first learn about the system and the terminology used to make our system simplify and automate the current process

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We have strong relationships with our partners since the beginning of the journey and we have kept progress constantly without allowing any obstacle to stand in the way of our success and distinction. Join us now, and be a part of this journey.