We offer a suite of solutions that allow you to adapt to the latest changes in technology to dramatically improve your company's performance

DoxERP Gives You A Powerful And Tight Management Of All The Resources And Information On Which Your Entire Business Is Based Through An Innovative Set Of Software In One Program


Easily manage all your business accounts from one place quickly and easily.

Fixed Asset

The system helps you track and manage your assets. It automatically calculates the depreciation.


The program enables you to provide loans through the company's system and manage them in an easy and commensurate manner with all the requirements of the lender


The system helps you to fully control the procurement cycle and suppliers and know the financial dues and future payments

Inventory Management

Ease of inventory management and control by managing items, their movements, units of measurement and returns as well as price lists…


The system aims to improve relationships with existing customers and gain new customers by knowing them more to get more opportunities with them

HR Management

Manage HR processes in a simple yet comprehensive and flexible way so you can focus more on your employees.

Projects Management

The system allows organizing projects with assignment of tasks to specialists, making it easier for the work team to deliver projects on time

Quality Management

The system works on following up and supervising all the tasks necessary to reduce waste and improve the specifications of the services provided in a shorter time

Technical Support

The technical support system helps you follow up on customer and issues, maintain service levels and track response speed and decisions

Expenses Management

The program enables you to manage your expenses and allows you to have a clear accounting and a real view of the amounts spent and where your company spends the most.

Payroll Management

Manage salaries and wages in an easy way, through pre-defined orders and processes, which ensure that the payroll process runs automatically